Guidelines for St. Agnes Parish effective July 11, 2021

The province will be removing all public health restrictions effective July 11, 2021. Even when all the public health restrictions are removed, everyone will have their own level of comfort with the changes.

We have received some guidelines from the Archdiocese to follow as fitting for our parish. The following will be the guidelines for St. Agnes Parish effective July 11th:

– The faithful continue to be dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation until September 1, 2021.

– Hand sanitizing will still be required upon entering the church and hand sanitizers will be available. If you wish you may bring your own hand sanitizer.

– The use of Holy water fonts will be restored.

– The Sign of Peace by shaking hands may resume if you choose and others are comfortable. The Sign of Peace may also be expressed with a bow or similar ritual gesture.

– Choirs and congregational singing may resume. Individuals who are not comfortable singing are welcome to wear a mask. Hymn books will be available on the back pew for anyone wishing to sing.

– The collection of financial donations remains unchanged for now. A collection basket will remain on the table at the back of the church.

– Reception of Communion will continue and hand sanitizers will continue to be used but reception of the Blood of Christ will not resume at this time.

– Masking is not required. If you wish to wear masks based on your own risk assessment and comfort level, you are welcome to do so. Individuals with symptoms that don’t require staying at home are encouraged to wear masks when attending mass.

– Pre-registering for masses will no longer be required.

– Physical distancing will be implemented in stages. Right now the church is using every third row of pews. Every second row of pews will be used effective July 11th. Pews available for use will be marked. If there are more families than pews, and if other parishioners are comfortable, you may sit together.

– The church will continue to be cleaned on a regular basis. Disinfecting pews after each mass will no longer be required.