Anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Agnes, Patron Saint of Pilot Butte Parish

On Thursday, January 21 we celebrate St. Agnes Feast Day. There will be a 7:00 PM mass for anyone who is interested in attending.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Darlene Loucks to pre-register.

Anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Agnes, Patron Saint of Pilot Butte Parish

St. AGNES, Virgin and Martyr
January 21—Patron of the Children of Mary

St. Agnes suffered martyrdom during the bloody persecution of the Emperor Diocletian around 304 at the age of thirteen and became one of the best known and most highly regarded of the Roman martyrs. Her name is still retained in the First Eucharistic Prayer for Holy Mass.
The Acts of her Passion, which date back only to the 5th century, are considered to be not entirely reliable but they do tell us something about her. They young noblemen of Rome, attracted by her wealth and beauty, vied with one another in endeavouring to obtain her hand in marriage, but she refused them all, saying that she had chosen a Spouse who could not be seen with mortal eyes.
Her suitors, in hope of sharing her constancy, accused her of being a Christian.
She was brought before a judge and remained unswayed by either his kindness or his threats. Fires were kindled, instruments of torture were placed before her eyes, but, immoveable in her constancy, she surveyed them with heroic calmness. She was sent to a house of prostitution, but the sight of her inspired such awe that not one of the wicked youths of the city dared approach her. One, bolder than the others, was suddenly struck with blindness and he fell trembling.
The youthful saint came forth from this den of infamy uncontaminated in mind and body, and still a pure spouse of Christ. The most prominent among her suitors was now so enraged that he incited the judge still more against her. The heroic Virgin was condemned to be beheaded. “She went to the place of execution,” says St. Ambrose, “more cheerfully than others go to their wedding.”
Amid the tears of the spectators the instrument of death fell, and she went to meet the immortal Spouse whom she had loved better than her life. She was buried on the Via Nomentana, and Constantine erected a church in her honour.

Prayer: All-powerful and ever-living God, You choose the weak in this world to confound the powerful. As we celebrate the anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Agnes, may we like her remain constant in faith. Amen.